TDC2, LLC is a full service, turn-key Engineering Design & OSP Construction firm

Project Management

Our Project Managers average over 20+ years of experience in all facets of Broadband infrastructure and network design, implementation and construction. Each can provide the firsthand knowledge necessary to bring a project to successful completion through every phase; from initial concept to full turn-key implementation and testing. Project Management is “Key” when designing a project of any size. We offer a variety of services to keep client projects on track and to minimize any cost overruns and/or schedule delays. TDC2’s experienced staff will assist and oversee the project implementation to ensure that proper supervision, reporting, construction equipment and logistics management, licenses, safety procedures, consumable supplies, materials, and other incidental items that are required to complete the project in accordance with the provided contract documents or scope. Our staff is experienced with Rural Utility Service (RUS), National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and many other standards of construction. We cater to clients with a high demand for performance and provide a speed to market that most engineering companies can’t deliver by providing a diversified team to meet the highest quality expectations. We scale our efforts to meet our client’s most aggressive schedules without loss of quality or attention to detail. We also will provide daily and weekly reporting and will handle any issues with the project as they arise during the construction activities and most importantly track your bottom line. Our staff provides the level of professionalism required to effectively handle and customer or landowner complaints, modifications to the planned design, as well properly recording the facilities placement on redlines.

Preparation of Loan, Grant and Funding Support Applications

TDC2 is experienced with the creation, submission and implementation of numerous types of loan & grant applications. Also, we have established relationships with Rural Utilities Service (RUS)
engineering and operations staff in Washington DC, as well as, with RUS General Field Representatives (GFRs). These relationships are essential to the successful creation and execution of RUS contracts and FRS fund requests. We have experience with many funding programs related to the telecom industry, including those listed below:

o USDA/RUS – Traditional Telephone, Farm Bill Broadband, Community Connect, Distance
Learning & Telemedicine
o Connect America Fund (CAF, ACAM, etc.)
o E-Rate & other Federal, State and Local funding programs

Outside Plant Design, Engineering, & Planning

We offer a full range of Outside Plant (OSP) Design, Engineering, and Planning services from initial design through completion of construction, contract closeout and as-built drawings of final records.
These services include:
o Initial Design & Feasibility Studies
o Overall Strategic Network Design & Long Term Planning
o Middle Mile Long Haul Fiber Routes
o Last Mile Fiber to the Home/Business/Cell site
o Migration from Copper to Fiber
o Building Entrance Links (BEL)
o Small Cell and Digital Antennae Systems (DAS)
o State and Local relocation projects (Highway, Bridge, etc.)

Field Staking, Public and Private Right-of-Way, Easements, and Permitting.

Our staff is experienced with field staking / field survey to RUS & DOT standards, utilizing survey grade Trimble field units. We carefully analyze the client expectations and the necessary permitting requirements and develop a pre-staking plan that is reviewed with our client prior to deploying our field teams to gather the route specific information that is necessary to prepare permit applications and create CADD construction drawings. We specialize in complex permitting environments including those within multi-jurisdictional areas, metropolitan areas with high levels of congestion, navigable waterways, protected areas such as National Forests and Wetlands, special access areas with strict Home Owner’s / Property Owner’s Association covenants, Gated Communities, Office Parks and many others. We carefully coordinate with our clients to ensure that our field staff presents the best possible appearance and professionalism as appropriate for each market. With our experienced team, we can tackle any size project and provide the quality and assurance to meet your most exacting requirements.

Environmental Studies & Compliance

There are often special circumstances associated with the placement of fiber optic cable. Whether it be navigating through National Forests or Wetlands, avoiding State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO) sites, or accommodating protected plants and/or wildlife, we have staff with the expertise to review, research and provide environmental reporting as necessary to procure permits and obtain compliance with all local, state and federal authorities.

Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD)

With over a 120 years combined experience in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), TDC2’s CADD department utilizes Bentley (Microstation – MSJ & V8i), AutoDesk (AutoCAD Map), and Esri (ArcGIS) products, and the various formats used within each product. Our team of multidisciplinary drafters and designers have the ability to create:

o Route and profile drawings required for permitting with numerous government agencies
o Unitized construction drawings
o As-Built/As-Constructed record drawings
o Mapped Georeferenced/Geodatabase

To achieve all requirements, TDC2 works closely with our clients and any standards they may use to ensure a complete drawing product. If our client does not have internal standards, our in-house standards are utilized. Also, we are familiar with RUS standards. In addition to general drawings, we also have the ability for photogrammetry and LiDAR.

Business-As-Usual Engineering

TDC2 routinely works with our existing clients on recurring budget year business as usual type projects. We maintain records and knowledge of our client’s networks and bring value to short and long term planning activities to ensure that incremental network upgrades, modifications and expansions are done in a timely and cost efficient manner and leverage existing investments to the greatest and most practical extent. A sample of this type of work is below:

o Existing adds, moves or changes
o Cutover of live services
o Active & Passive Node addition and/or consolidation
o Fiber Route Extensions
o Technology Upgrades

OSP Construction

We maintain our own crews and numerous regional subcontractors who are all experienced with performing OSP construction services to RUS standards. We work closely with our clients to understand their route plans, budgets, priorities and timelines and then provide the proper quantity and mix of construction crews to meet, and often exceed, their needs. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

o Full Service Aerial, Buried and Underground Cable and Conduit Placement
o Site Preparation, Ground Resistivity Testing, Installation of Power & Grounding Systems
o Installation of Active & Passive Cabinet, Hut and Pole Mounted Network Elements

OSP Field Inspection, Testing and Reporting

We offer full service field inspection of construction services and have on staff experienced Resident Engineers and Qualified Inspectors for each type of construction (aerial, buried or underground). We are very familiar with RUS quality standards and all associated progress reports, Contractor Units Placed (CUP) sheets, subcontractor forms and various reports. We provide daily and weekly reporting at the level desired by our clients via in-person meetings, conference calls and email progress updates. We carefully coordinate efforts between our staff, our client’s staff, as well as, any and all contractors to make sure progress is made as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, regardless of how many crews are operating simultaneously. We will handle any issues with the project as they arise during construction activities, and most importantly, we will track your bottom line. Our staff provides the level of professionalism required to effectively handle any conflicts with existing utilities, customer or landowner complaints, modifications to the planned design, and properly record the facilities placement on redlines and as-built drawings. We also are experienced with the various industry standard and RUS standard fiber testing procedures and provide these services as requested by our clients.